Centralized Oil Lubrication System

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Shaan Lube in India’s largest manufacturer of Centralized Oil Lubrication Systems. In fact, the largest Oil Lubrication Systems in India have been manufactured and supplied by Shaan Lube. From mission critical application in high speed mills, bearing and gear boxes to lower intensity, cost sensitive application, Shaan Lube supplies the entire range of custom designed lubrication systems to meet customer specific requirements.

Shaan Lube offers Centralized Oil Lubrication Systems that lower operating costs, increase machine life and improve your bottom-line. From concept to completion, we offer a complete solution for your oil lubrication needs. Staffed by a dedicated, we ensure quality products that are engineered to meet india and International standard. We are committed to meet the practical requirements of different industry verticals.

Our Centralized Oil Lubrication Systems are self-contained and deliver the required flow of clean lubricating oil at the optimum temperature and pressure to bearing, gear boxes and other rotating industrial equipment at your plant(s). Our systems are incorporated as original equipment by manufacturers of heavy-duty gear boxes, motor, steel mills, paper machinery, etc.

Wide Range of Applications

Our Centralized Oil Lubrication System find a multitude of applications that include custom built for:


  Prejacking Cum Lube Systems for Cement Plant

  Morgoil Bearings

  Rolling Mill Bearing 

  Steam Turbines


  Centrifugal Pumps 

  Gear Box

  Large Motors

  ID Fans / FD Fans.

Shaan Lube’s Lubrication Systems are designed to meet a wide range of operating parameter to suit individual needs- capacity ranges from 5 LPM to 3000 LPM of Oil Flow and operating pressure from 1 bar to 15 bars, reservoir upto 1,66,000 Litres. Depending upto the requirement.

Other Services

  • Filters

    One of the most important considerations in the design of filters is the area available for filtration, Lesser area will choke up the filter in no time disrupting the

  • Oil Flow Monitors

    Today paper machines are designed to run at faster speeds, under heavier loads & at higher operating temperatures. In addition to afore mentioned conditions, the machines are also subjected