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One of the most important considerations in the design of filters is the area available for filtration, Lesser area will choke up the filter in no time disrupting the operations, causing invaluable time and production loss. Larger the filtration area, lower the pressure drop and higher the dirt holding capacity. Most filter are custom designed and built, taking into consideration various aspects such as type of fluid, operating temperature, operating viscosity, dirt-load, end use, required filtration clarity (measured in microns), pressure drop and filtration medium. Shaan Lube’s Filter are available in many materials of construction and design. The end connection is either Inline, offset or same side, to suit your particular construction requirements.

Shaan Lube’s Filters can effectively be used in filtering water, oil-water emulsion, coolants, low viscosity oils, etc.

Features of Shaan Lube’s Bag Filters

  • Custom built

  • Flow rates upto 7500 LPM

  • Upto 5 microns nominal

  • Imported filter bags

  • Low pressure drops

  • Ease in installation & operating

  • Can sustain upto 15 bar operating pressure

  • Requires less floor space

  • Economical

Shaan Lube manufactures Duplex, Inline Pressure and Cartridge Filters.

Duplex Filter are used where the process cannot be disrupted to clean the clogged filters. Duplex design facilitates cleaning of one filter when the other is in operation. Duplex filters consist of two simplex filter interconnected by 2 nos. 3-way valves or 4 nos. of other isolation valves such as ball, gate or butterfly valves

Inline Pressure Filters are available in 3/8” – 1 1/2” screwed end connections. Body is of cast aluminium and elements are available in stainless steel wire mesh. Operating pressure range from 0-16 bar.

Cartridge Filter are made available in an open-ended cartridge form with a wide choice of housing and element.

Filter Element 1
Filter Element 4
Filter Element 2

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