Gravity Flow Indicators

Shaan Std A2 Sheet_001

Shaan Lube’s Gravity Flow Indicators are custom designed to handle viscous and assist in regulating the flow of lubricants. They are useful in assuring delivery of right volumes of lubricants to bearing used in machining and steel making applications. Our Gravity Flow Indicators are ideal for handling fluids with a large viscosity range. Oil window provided for viscosity indication.

Other Services

  • Oil Flow Monitors

    Today paper machines are designed to run at faster speeds, under heavier loads & at higher operating temperatures. In addition to afore mentioned conditions, the machines are also subjected

  • Prejacking Lubrication Systems

    Our Prejacking and Lubrication Systems are used in location where the shafts of heavily loaded bearings need to be lifted before starting the mill. These systems supply both hydro-static