Grease Systems

Each central lubricating unit is connected to their distributors through two lines via the change over valves. The two (2) lines alternatively act as supply pressure line and return line connected to container.

When the central lubricating pump unit is operated, lubricant is delivered through the main lines of the system. The pump unit will continue to deliver lubricant and the pressure will continue to rise in the main line until the lubricant flow resistances at the lubrication point are overcome. At this point, the control valve and operating pistons within the individual metering distributors are actuated and a measured quantity of grease as determined by the diameter and length of stroke of the operating piston is delivered to the bearings.

When all the metering distributors have discharged their respective quantities of lubricant, further pumping raises the line pressure. As soon as the line pressure exceeds the setting of pressure control valve, the change over valve operates to switch relieved to the grease container and the other line which was under relief is connected to the pump outlet so that next cycle of lubrication can start.

The line pressure is sensed at the pump end and the pressure in the pressure control valve is set to a sufficiently high value in order to ensure operation of all the meter distributors. Both lines are blocked at the ends.

There is a provision of visual indicator pins to the change over valve which is co-operation with a limit switch relays electric signal to the control system which deenergises the pump motor and activates the time relay which determines the interval time between two successive pumping.

After the pre-set time (0-2 hours) of the internal time relay is over, the pump re-stars and completes the next pumping cycle. The pumping repeats itself in the above manner and the lubrication of all points connected to the system continues.

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