Vacuum Dehydrators

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Shaan Lube offers a wide range of Vacuum Dehydrator units in partnership with Nortek SA of Spain. These Vacuum dehydrators are designed to eliminate water contamination in the lube oil. Our Vacuum Dehydrators work with enhanced efficiency as compared to centrifuges, as Vacuum Dehydrator eliminates emulsified oil.

Our Vacuum Dehydrators can work with high viscosity oil to ISO VG 660. Oil can be treated to 85C without any cracking risk due to the indirect oil heating using a heat exchanger unit and thermal oil. Heat-recuperation has been included to heat oil in the first phase with returning oil. This results in energy saving. The unit does not start until the oil reaches its working temperature. The facility is supplied with a 12-micron standard filter, but up to 2 microns filters can be installed taking customer requirement into account. It can be used as a standalone heating and filtration unit as well. It has an electronic temperature control by PID. The Suction pump of the vacuum dehydrator embeds a frequency regulator controlled by a 4 – 20 mA signal level, thus allowing continuous working keeping a check on the vacuum-tank level. The dehydrator is with stainless steel piping and it is providing with scum-breaker actuating by level.

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